2017 Retreat

DSC_2857Welcome to the 2017 (3-day) WEEKEND  RETREAT!


After doing this work for over 20 years, I am still deeply moved and inspired by those who are interested in exploring their relationship to their consciousness in a bold and powerful way. That authentic quest for freedom, empowerment, Self-Awareness, healing, and ultimately Self-realization, which has driven the course of my life, is what has inspired the creation of this retreat program…

Thank you to all the amazing participants who joined us for the last 3 years, and because of the huge success, transformation and  the continued requests of many, Samantha and I are continuing the tradition this year with our 2017 ANNUAL RETREAT in the mid west.  This retreat will be full immersion with a comprehensive program that is designed to inspire an awakening of Self-Awareness within you on multiple levels of your being with a lot of different options for attendance.

Click the above tab to watch view the participant testimonials from the 2016 Retreat… 

A total of 40 participants will be embarking on a holistic and intimate journey to deepen their relationship and experience to their own energy systems, emotions, mind, body and spirit. This retreat will explore practical healing techniques, alchemical tools, experiential exercises, The Universe of You, Self-Awareness, meditative techniques, music, energy and the powerful synergy that is created in a co-creative atmosphere that can completely change your life.

We have chosen to keep the attendance at 40 people to create the most intimate, nurturing and attentive environment possible in a contained and safe atmosphere, where you will be free of the life distractions that often pull you away from your own inherent knowing.

Samantha and I bring our combined experience and years of training from all aspects of healing and Self-investigation together in one forum, meticulously crafted to create the maximum effect to help guide you through this process of Self-transformation. This experience offers powerful insight and practical investigation that can not only change your relationship to your Self and others, but also help you to re-create your life experience.

The picturesque and magical location, the soothing and nurturing environment, the vegetarian cuisine, the committed staff, the powerful program, the team of facilitators, not to mention being surrounded by like-minded seekers on their path for Self-exploration is assured to create an experience of a lifetime.

Accept the invitation and join us for a packed three-day adventure into powerful realms of healing and nurturing.  Please browse around this space and check out all the information about this amazing opportunity. For inquires about the retreat, email me directly at info@markuskasunich.com.

To join the retreat, please click the “REGISTER” tab, fill out the registration forms, and make your payment. Further information will be provided upon request…


We are  looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you…


Markus & Samantha


The DeKoven Center

600 21st Street, Racine, Wisconsin, 53403 USA


The DeKoven Center has been nestled on the scenic shores of Lake Michigan since 1852. Since its humble beginnings it has served, for many, as a place for study, contemplation, and reflection, and it still maintains that purpose today.



The Environment…

The retreat center is surrounded by gorgeous grounds, old growth trees, vegetation and lush gardens that are tucked throughout the sweeping property. The morning sunrise is nothing short of breathtaking over the Great Lake, and you are sure to experience the tranquility of the atmosphere.  This magical environment radiates a sense of nurturing  and healing creating the perfect invitation for deep  self-reflection.

There are chapels, churches, meditation gardens and vistas of the lake. Wonderful accommodations completely suit the needs of the retreat. We will be conducting our retreat in Assembly Hall, and the rooms and dining area are located in Taylor Hall. If you get a chance, take a quiet stroll through the grounds, visit the gift shop to learn about the rich history, or browse through the eclectic collections of art at The Spectrum Gallery located adjacent to Assembly Hall.  The surroundings are inviting and serene.


Come Stay Awhile… 

Affordable accommodations are offered through the DeKoven center (not included in the retreat fee). Even if you are local, I highly recommend that anyone who is coming to this retreat stay on site to completely immerse themselves in the energy and environment. Lodging is inexpensive and quaint and would be a perfect opportunity to “get away” from it all to go within, free from distractions of your busy every day life. Give yourself the gift of nurturing.

I have been doing retreats, events, workshops and private sessions in this location for almost four years. Every time I walk on the property I am still in awe of the energy and vibration present here. I am looking forward to having an even deeper experience by staying on site for the entire retreat.


Contact the office of Julia Peyton to book  accommodations, and for info with directions and parking

Phone: (262) 633-6401(262) 633-6401


Remember, there is only a limited number of rooms so if you are interested be sure to book right away

2017 Weekend (3-Day) Retreat Schedule & Information:





(Fri, Sep 29 – Sun, Mar 1, 2017)AAAA

DEPOSIT:  $300 Non-refundable deposit to register









DeKoven Center Accommodations

LODGING FEE (single): $65.00 /per room/per night   
LODGING FEE (double occupancy): $33.00 per person /per room/per night

Contact the office of Julia Peyton at the DeKoven center to book  your accommodations (first come first serve – please book early!)
Phone: (262) 633-6401





Menu (to be announced…)

We will be offering a complete vegetarian menu throughout the course of this retreat with some Gluten-free options.  All ingredients  of the food prepared will be available as on this page soon. If you have specific food or allergy concerns please take care of your needs and be informed. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


 Flights into Wisconsin…


If you are flying from out of state for the retreat, you can fly into two major airports that are within driving distance:

  • O’Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago (about 90 minutes away)
  • Mitchel International Airport (MKE) in Milwaukee (about 30 minutes away)



What to Bring…

packingComfortable clothes for yoga and other exercises
Meditation scarf, shawl, or blanket
Meditation pillow or cushion and Yoga mat
Journal or notebook
Appropriate outdoor attire for Autumn weather
Crystals, personal talismans or sacred items (to “charge” in the energy) for the altar

You may also want to bring a personal item that is important to you, that represents your journey and what you are “working on” right now… We will be setting up an altar to hold the energy and vision for your personal intention…


Sacred Talismans…

Retreat2014-78Every year as part of the Retreat Experience we open the retreat by collectively creating an altar ceremony for sacred items, talismans, crystals, photos, beads, jewelry, stones, letters and personal items that hold personal significance or the vibration of your healing intention. Please feel free to brings these items for the duration of your experience with us.  We will always do our best to maintain the security of these talismans but please remember that you are ultimately responsible for the safety of any these items.




September Weather Conditions in Racine, Wisconsin…

20151030_164310Please consult local weather for the seasonal temperatures of  Racine, Wisconsin for late Sep/early Oct. Expect Autumn conditions. In considering your attire, please note that weather conditions may be cooler and more dramatic because DeKoven Center is on the shores of Lake Michigan… As always with the weather in this area for September/October, expect the unexpected, stay informed, and be prepared. A portion of our program may be outside so prepare with the proper late autumn/early winter attire.



Being in Silence…

Retreat2014-82Embracing silence is a powerful way to observe and understand the chatter of your mind and deepen into your True nature. So much of our outer engagement in the world promotes the ego programs and systems that ultimately tempt us into unconsciousness… For the course of this retreat, be mindful about your communication with others. Choose to be aware, deliberate and conscious. Avoid chatter. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Our words create our world. How are you choosing to utilize your life-force energy? What are you  creating in every moment? This is an important tool to develop deep Self-Awareness. For this reason, portions of this retreat we will be in silence, and we ask that you honor and be respectful to those in silence around you.



Please Limit the Use of Devices & other Technology…

shutterstock_77317735Our intention during your Retreat experience is to create a deeply scared and safe space for healing and introspection. We therefore ask that you limit the use your cell phones or technology devices during the retreat and we prohibit the use of any devices during any of the various sessions, exercises or events throughout the course of the retreat in the main retreat gathering areas… There will be space to use your technology if necessary during breaks and in your room.





Photography, Audio Recording or Video…

4254493400_e5573cc57c_zTo preserve the safety of the space we ask that you refrain from taking personal photos, video or recording any audio of any of the sessions, workshops or exercises in the retreat spaces. This protects the each member of the group as they journey through their different healing processes… By all means, feel free to wander around and snap photos of the gorgeous grounds, but please respect the participants and the sacred space we are creating. We will have an assigned photographer who will also be a member of our retreat and will discretely and respectfully take photos for promotional purposes. Thank you so much for your cooperation 



“Markus resonates with a powerful gentleness, fearless and accepting. He is able to see any situation as a gift, welcome it lovingly and pull from it, truth and light. Hence, he presents profound teachings that reveal themselves for days.

I have been honored to host Markus as a guest speaker at my store in Kenosha, WI. An evening with Markus is guaranteed to be an insightful, engaging experience.
He’s spoken on a variety of topics such as, ‘The Power of Words‘, ‘Archetypes & Symbols‘, ‘The Human Ego‘ and ‘Finding Inner Peace‘. He offers a wonderful meditation at the onset of the evening that literally raises the vibration and awareness of the whole room.

After an evening with Markus I always feel ‘blessed and grateful’…having been carried to a loving, higher place of knowing. I would welcome him to my store and be thrilled to introduce him to the community any time…time & time again….”

– Colleen (Kenosha, WI)
“Upon researching Reiki treatments offered in Los Angeles, I came across Samantha’s website You Are Light. Almost instantly I felt a connection to her. Well, my intuition proved right! From the beginning of our conversations, she was so kind, understanding, and most importantly, genuine.

Our sessions have been truly amazing. I went to her primarily to focus on emotional issues and came out feeling so much lighter and free. After years of therapy, I didn’t think anyone would ever get me. But Samantha knew exactly what I needed. Her attention to detail was impressive and she is always there for you. I’m happy to say I am filled with energy, hope, and love.

I have gained so much perspective in life as a result. The shifts you will experience with a visit are life-changing. Believe it, she can help guide anyone no matter what you are faced with. I love you, Samantha!” –Tina K., Los Angeles...``

“Markus is an incredible intuitive healer who has helped so many people identify the true sources of pain and stress in their life, and then laid out the path to healing. He is also a gifted speaker on a range of topics, giving authentic, practical guidance that I have seen be life-changing. There are no words to accurately convey how much my life has been profoundly changed and blessed by his insights and teaching.”
- Christine Kann (Racine, WI USA)
“My first experience with Reiki was wonderful in an unexpected way. It was soothing, restorative, but also rejuvenating. I had had a very large kidney stone three months earlier that I’d told Sam about. However, I didn’t reveal which side it was on. Sam was able to not only locate and feel the recent trauma to my body, but to actually draw some of the pain memory out from my back and kidney, an exhilarating sensation much like a really good sneeze. I have since utilized Sam’s skills long distance, asking her to send Reiki energy to me at night while I sleep to lessen fatigue, loosen strained muscles and ease migraine headaches, with excellent results.”
– D. Lindsey, Atlanta

Markus William Kasunich


Markus Bio (for Book)download-crop-for-web1Markus William Kasunich has been studying, practicing and refining holistic healing techniques for over 20 years. He has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting his own natural gifts and intuitive abilities.

He spent two years studying Psychology and Fine Arts at York University in Toronto, Ontario, two years at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and three years at Natural Health Consultants, a college of alternative medicine in Montreal, Quebec. He is proficient in Cranial Sacral Therapy, massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, emotional release work, pressure point therapies, kinesiology, transpersonal psychology, Shamanism,  as well as in other techniques relating to the subtle, energetic and inter-dimensional fields.  His ancestry is Canadian Algonquin Native and he is also an ordained Minister.

He has also studied and mentored with Masters, spiritual teachers, shamans, mystics, healers, counselors, ministers, priests, kinesiologists and psychologists  from South America, Mexico, England, Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and the U.S.A. He spent 11 years living in an ashram and spiritual community serving there as the Personal Assistant to the spiritual teacher while assisting with the management of the non-profit organization.

Markus is deeply devoted to his continued personal training, exploration and deepening of his own consciousness.  Self-purification and Self-realization are a way of life. Through the course of his exploration, studies, spiritual discipline (sadhna) and service (Seva) alongside his spiritual teachers, he has had the privilege of immersing himself in the peoples and cultures of more than 18 different countries, as he traveled the world, assisting in facilitating spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, leading workshops, classes, lectures and private sessions which have inspired profound healing in the lives of thousands.

This intensive and deeply-personal journey  of Self-realization continues to inspire, refine, and expand Markus’ own gift of healing, offering him a rare and profound experience and intimate understanding of Universal Laws & Metaphysics, Awareness & Consciousness, human psychology, the world of Spirit and the transformational power of Unconditional Love.

Markus weaves his diverse background, his presence and his consciousness, along with his unique understanding of energy dynamics and various healing techniques, into a multi-dimensional and Holistic experience of “practical spirituality” (mind, body, and spirit), specifically tailored to the individual needs of each client. The sacred space and nurturing atmosphere that he creates allows individuals to surrender into powerful realms of purification, transformation and profound personal healing.


Samantha Avenaim


Reiki ShotSamantha is deeply committed to her Spiritual path and has been practicing various forms of breathwork yoga for over 13 years. She is certified in countless energetic techniques, modalities and systems of healing, and has been a practicing Usui Reiki Master Teacher for over eight years.

Samantha describes her path in becoming a healer not as a calling, but a hollering so loud there wasn’t a person, place or book she picked up that didn’t involve energy work in some way. She describes her first interaction attuning to these energies as

“stepping into my SELF and experiencing the oneness to everyone and everything simultaneously with an indescribable peace that will now forever be with me”…..

Since, Samantha has studied many modalities in healing. She feels that whatever method you are intuitively drawn to  is instinctually the right one. Therefore, she utilized her many techniques and tools as part of her process and continues to refine her craft through her continued studies with Master teachers. For her, the intention of all healing is simple: to bring all facets of the being back to its natural state, one of complete wholeness and balance within the Self.

Each student or client is a unique being with a unique process.  As a teacher, she mentors her students with dauntless devotion, care, and wisdom on their individual paths to assist them to rediscover their own potential. She is passionate about taking her students through their process.  She will continually invite your remembrance energetically to the inner core of who you are allowing you to become aware of and release what no longer serves you and shed light on your true nature allowing you to consciously create your life.


Together, Markus and Samantha have been facilitating events for three years and continue to bring a profound sense of healing, clarity, and nurturing to any group. As they are both deeply dedicated to their paths, each other, and their life work, their combined energy, devotion and synergy offers a powerful invitation into Self-love, Self-Awareness and inner-transformation.



Join us for a weekend Retreat designed to Awaken your authentic Self




Sep 29-Oct 1, 2017 


Unravel conditioning and patterns in your Relative bodies, understand and release roles and truly deepen your sense of intimacy in all areas of your life. By using techniques, tools and practices that are often only found in ancient Mystery Schools from different cultures:  Meditation, breath, mantra and Kriya you will continue to re-discover and explore a profound connection to your being and awaken powerful aspects of  your authentic Self .




($300 Non-refundable deposit is required to register)

Register for The 3-Day Weekend Retreat (Sep 29-Oct 1, 2017)







The objective of this Retreat Series is to holistically explore the many facets of healing in order to create the MOST EFFECTIVE change in your life. Each of the two levels of the Retreat Series are specifically designed to help you to explore, understand and purify different areas of the Universe of You to create the most powerful inspiration for change within your consciousness and in your life…

A truly, comprehensive  HOLISTIC APPROACH to healing inspires the fastest growth, exploring healing along with powerful practical tools that effectively purify and transform each of the different levels of consciousness. Each level of consciousness requires its own specific form of healing and this is often why many seekers become frustrated when they feel like they are stuck and are not making progress. By targeting each of the different aspects of the Universe of You with specific and powerful tools and techniques change can occur at an astounding rate… 



DSC09432Commune with your inner core, the SEA OF SELF  from where the depths of your Spiritual consciousness radiates in your life..

Explore and enhance your relationship to the world of the ENERGY BODY within and around you…

Develop a true awareness of  your EMOTIONAL BODY and empower your life choices…

Utilize your MENTAL BODY as tool of powerful intention to enhance your life…

Explore exercises for the PHYSICAL BODY to understand how to alter your experience…

Change the relationship & choices in your OUTER WORLD  and engage in manifesting in your life…

Explore how to direct your LIFE FORCE ENERGY through intention, Intuition & creativity…



Life is a journey of exploration into Self with the Universe of You offering countless  invitations in every conceivable and inconceivable manner for you to go within and to remember your Self as inherent divine potential.  Be Aware; be a conscious part of your process; and be accountable for your life creation. You are much more powerful than you have ever dreamed possible. Allow us to help AWAKEN that Awareness and empower your RELATIONSHIPS as well as the inherent potential within you!


This retreat is a journey designed to open the doors of perception, awaken the spirit within you and to empower you to continue your journey into Self long after this experience:


  • We offer the intention of empowerment through love and devotion.
    We offer a nurturing, respectful, and safe space free from judgment to explore the many aspect of you. 
  • We offer the benefit of our collective years of experiences in the many realms of healing.
  • We offer practical tools, guidance, techniques, and experiences  to empower that journey.
  • We offer healthy, nurturing and well-prepared meals to feed your body during this process.




Some of the techniques and tools that we will be using are:

Ancient Yogic & Kriya Techniques
Sacred Mantra and Chanting 
Bhakti meditation
Self- Inquiry and Exploration
Guided Meditation and Visualizations
Awareness-building techniques
Sacred Ceremonies
Advanced Core Issue Techniques
Alchemical metaphysical and energetic healing
The Pranayama Breathing Journey



All healing is beautiful, but it can, at times also be intense, confronting and uncomfortable… It is during those occasions that we strive to be the nurturing support for your process…


Join us on a powerful 3-day immersive adventure that offers the tools to empower you to understand, and change the very essence of your relationships from within through the various aspects of the Universe of You thereby transforming your life…

We are looking forward to seeing you there… 


The Weekend Retreat has availability up to 40 participants, after which time your name will be placed on waiting list. The attendance is first come first serve, and your non-refundable deposit reserves your spot. All Deposits are non-refundable



The 2017 Weekend Retreat (Sep 29-Oct 1)

Friday, Sep 29  (9:00 am)  to Sunday, Oct 1 (9:00 pm)


The DeKoven Center, Assembly Hall  (600 21st Street – Racine, WI 53403)

(Includes All vegetarian meals, snacks & Retreat programs) Accommodations not included – See below for more info

**Final payments must be made by Aug 30th, 2017**




THE 2017 WEEKEND (3-Day) RETREAT (Sep 29-Oct 1)



ADD TO CART$750 (Due Sep 15, 2017)

ADD TO CART$300 (Non-Refundable Deposit)

ADD TO CART$450 (Final Payment due  Sep 15, 2017) 



Send Check or money order to:
Markus Kasunich,  4222 Troost Ave, Unit 21, Studio City, CA 91604


On site accommodation has been reserved at The DeKoven Center (Taylor Hall) for participants of the Weekend Retreat.

For more information about accommodation cost, directions and parking please feel free to contact:

  Julia  Peyton at  262-633-6401

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