Markus is an engaging speaker, a gifted teacher, and experienced facilitator who has been sharing his inspiring perspective on a multitude of topics pertaining to creativity, healing, self-Aawareness, consciousness and empowerment all over the world. He has facilitated life-changing pilgrimages, retreats, workshops and events.

His extensive understanding of psychology, spirituality, and creativity combined with his unique background and life experiences allows him to offer the necessary tools in a practical forum to inspire the hearts and minds of many on their personal journeys of Self realization

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One-day Retreats & Workshops

These intimate evenings and workshops focus on personal transformation through experience. Using creative tools and exercises, these events are designed to assist one in breaking through fears, issues, build confidence, inspire teamwork and break down blockages by using a host of holistic techniques…(more)

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The I-Forum Series

This course includes: 6 three hour classes (every 6 weeks) over the course of the year, full online access to all the course materials (video, and written), metaphysical and esoteric teachings, practical tools, meditation practices and more… (more)

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Retreats & Intensives

These immersive and intimate  events create a powerful experience into a holistic (mind, body, spirit) healing journey into Self using food, meditation, physical techniques, classes, practical experiences, ceremony, group exploration in a safe and nurturing environment… (more)


Online Classes & Downloadable Video

Markus often offers LIVE access to many of his selected public events, lectures, discourses, classes and workshops online, specially designed online, classes and programs with unlimited access to downloads and streaming of videos of selected content. Check out the presently available content by clicking above.


Pranayama Breathing Journey

This ecstatic breathing practice is done lying on the ground, using a simple and specific breathing technique designed to move you into altered states of consciousness, deep purging, releasing, and profound states of awareness… (more)


Acupuncture & Energy Healing

Using energetic healing techniques and Acupuncture Markus and Christie together create a sacred and nurturing space which assists the entire group to surrender into profound states of relaxation, powerful meditation, expanded awareness and personal healing… (more)


Speaking & Evening Events

Markus has been speaking to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds for  over 13 years. As a professional  international speaker he has been offering an inspiring perspective on a multitude of topics pertaining to creativity, healing, self-help, and  Self-awareness… (more)

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Guided Meditations & Visualizations

Markus offers guided meditative visualizations, breathing exercises accompanied by soothing music and soundscapes  to inspiration relaxation into altered states and deep cleansing of the mind body and spirit… (more)


Reiki Meditation Circles

Samantha & Markus offer this ongoing gatherings as an invitation to experience the transformational essence of energy. The circle includes guided meditation, teaching & messages, individual Reiki attunements, and more… (more)