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Mapping the Narcissistic Personality

How can you better understand and navigate this form of conditioning? In this discussion we will map Map the most typical Narcissist personality traits in relationship to the IRAM archetypes to help to understand what psychological and archetypal medicine is needed for these patterns. Can a Narcissist change their conditioning? Find out.

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The Commitment Game – Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

In every Relationship there comes that time to have “the talk” about committing to the next phase in the process. In this discussion we explore the issues around what you need to understand about the evolution of your relationship. How can you get on the same page when you talk about commitment? What do you need to explore to successfully navigate making a commitment for the next phase of your relationship together?


  • Part 1 – Commitment: The 3 Stages of Evolving Relationships
  • Part 2 – The Necessity of Exploring Personal Values for Commitment
  • Part 3 – The Dynamics of Commitment
  • Part 4 – Personal Coaching
  • Part 5 – (Q&A) On Waiting…
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Guided Meditation: Opening Infinite Possibilities

Enjoy a powerful inner journey that opens up the availability to receive & accept the “Infinite Possibilities” offered by consciousness for manifestation. This Guided meditation process also includes dialogue, Q&A and discussion. Enjoy the journey and discussion.

Introduction (8 m)
Guided Meditation (41 m)
Q&A and discussion (34 m)
Music by Michael Wild (Earth’s Garden)

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The Power of Your Sacred Wounds

What is the root causes of stress and how do you deal with it more effectively? Why can it be so difficult to spend time with your family of origin? How can you stay aware, connected and centered during stress and dysfunction? Transform the past conditioning of family dynamics into powerful opportunities for growth and expansion. Change your relationship to stress, discomfort and past dysfunctional patterns to create balance, deeper connection, and understand the sacred power of that past conditioning. This powerful lecture explores your fundamental conditioning and offers a map to examine your Primal Wounds.

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Drama,Trauma and Toxicity in Relationships

How can you tell that you are in a toxic relationship and do you navigate the drama and trauma caused by certain personalities? What are the most important things that you need to know about building conscious and expansive relationships? What are the most powerful tools to navigate the trauma, drama and toxicity of relationships? How can you create relationships that reflect the love, self-respect and connection that you long for? This lecture offers powerful insight on some of the most effective, practical life-tools, tips for navigating your relationships and insight on how to build the connection in relationships that you are looking for that can completely transform your life.

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