Course Tag: Expansion / Contraction

IRAM: Understanding The Mature Inner Adult

The Mature Inner Adult is the powerful, transformational and MATURE aspect of expansiveness. This maturity is not determined by age. It is a development of intentional, aware and responsive behavior that is rooted in conscious expansiveness. It only evolves with practice, cultivation and refinement. This powerful mature aspect is  the embodiment of the “ideal parent, role model or adult” that you may never have experienced. In this course we will learn how to maturely re-parent yourself and offer you the opportunity to re-create the inner relationship into the loving example that you have always wanted.

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Living Your Life Authentically

What is “real” authenticity? How does exploring your authentic Self create more inner and outer fulfillment? Discover the blocks & the tools to exploring a deeper experience of your True Self & the learn how to live the most authentic expression of you in every aspect of your life.

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