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The Relationship Between Projection, Spirituality and Money

In this powerful case study we will explore the most common misconceptions about the idea of the spiritual teacher,  the reaction that many have when confronted with a shift in paradigm and the deeply misunderstood relationship between spirituality and money. This powerful examination will offer you the opportunity for self-reflection and help you to shift your inner and outer perception of these topics.

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The Relation SHIFT Webcast (July 22, 2021) Money & Spirituality

  • Part 1: Examine Your Projections of Spirituality
  • Part 2: Challenging the Paradigm of Status Quo When You Change
  • Part 3: The Dynamics of Projection, Assumptions and Respect
  • Part 4: Examining The Dynamics of the Covert Shadow Inner Adult
  • Part 5: The Relationship Between Money And Spirituality
  • Part 6: Conclusion and Final Thoughts
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