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Spiritual Techniques For Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

In this powerful discussion Markus offers an entire collection of often overlooked Spiritual tools, and techniques to create an conscious and intentional alignnemt. Use these ancient alchemical methods to better support and inspire your process of creating wealth and abundance. Combining these techniques with practical mainfestating tools (See below) creates a poweful synergy for being a Conscious Creator of your own life. Want to learn more about Manifestation, wealth and abundance?

Check out this content:
Course: The Secrets to Manifestation
Video: Balancing Will with Consciousness Based Manifestation (14 mins)
Article: Maximize Your Manifestation
Guided Meditation: Guided Meditation: Invoking Divine Assistance (30 mins)

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Cosmic Soundbath (432 +528 Hz tones) – (69 mins)

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The Secrets of Manifestation

Part 1 – The Three Brains of Consciousness (10 mins)
Part 2- Intention (4 mins)
Part 3- Synchronzing with Your Creation (9 mins)
Part 4- Mindset and Alignment (7 mins)
Part 5- Dreamcasting and the Stretch (13 mins)
Part 6 – The Plan, Empowered Action, and Momentum (15 mins)
Part 7 – Your Inner and Outer Relationship (13 mins)
Part 8 – Balance Will with Consciousness Based Manifestation (14 mins)

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Understanding Tantra: The Path of Sensuality and Pleasure

There are many misconceptions about Tantra in the Spiritual world? What is the path of Tantra? What is the difference between Ecstasy and Bliss? Why is it important to the Spiritual Journey

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Understanding The Path of Devotion (Bhakti)

What is Devotion? What are the qualities of devotion? Why is important on the journey of self-discovery? Why is it considered the “highest path” to Self-Realization?  

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Understanding Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

What is OCD? How do we identity it? What are the tools to work with this disorder? Why does it seem more prevalent than ever before? In this discussion we will explore all the different causes, symptoms and medicine for OCD.

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Kundalini Awakening

What is Kundalini? How is it awakened? What are the benefits to having this activated in my being? A Kundalini awakening is often misunderstood by new age communities. Join us for an honest and intimate conversation about all the different dynamics of a Kundalini awakening and how this can affect your spiritual journey and your life.  

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Transforming Your Life with the Power of Mindset

What is mindset?  Mindset can be defined as the manner or the way in which you think, Your mindset is rooted in your experiences, education, and culture from which you form thoughts which establish beliefs and attitudes. Those thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes lead to certain actions and with those actions you have experiences. Those experiences gives your mind new information to process. In this course explore the different aspects of Mindset and how you can shift your way of thinking to change your life. 


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Guided Meditation & Q&A: Embracing Your Divine Inner Child

  • Opening Lecture and introduction (10 mins)
  • Guided Visualization and Meditation (46 mins)
  • Q&A and Group Discussion (48 mins)


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COACHING CASE STUDY: The Power in Expressing Your Needs and Emotions

feeling and expressing your needs and emotions in a healthy way in your relationships. How does repression affect your relationships? What is the difference between understanding, feeling and expression your needs? And what is the best way to show up to more effectively resolve your inner and outer conflicts.

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RADIANT INNER CHILD: Sacred Child – Cultivate Deeper Sacredness in Your Life

One of the most powerful aspects of the Radiant Inner Child is the Sacred Child. Our secular world that has traded utilitarian philosophies in exchange for the sacred.  In this discussion we examine the almost lost foundations of sacredness and explore how to tap into that inner and outer power in every area of your life. Reclaim the Sacred Child and uplift the ordinary into something profound. (This course includes a short guided meditation).

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Mapping the Narcissistic Personality

How can you better understand and navigate this form of conditioning? In this discussion we will map Map the most typical Narcissist personality traits in relationship to the IRAM archetypes to help to understand what psychological and archetypal medicine is needed for these patterns. Can a Narcissist change their conditioning? Find out.

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Tools for Creating Conscious Connections in Every Relationship

It can be difficult to connect with others. In this discussion we explore these powerful tools, techniques and tips. Learn what works and how to create the environment for connection with others. Create more conscious connections in every (platonic and romantic) relationship in your life.

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Empowering the Conscious Masculine

The modern world is changing. In this new environment how do we empower the conscious masculine while the pendulum is constantly swinging in the power struggle between toxic masculinity and healthy masculinity. Enjoy this discussion about the challenges that we are facing in empowering the conscious masculine.

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The Commitment Game – Taking Your Relationship to the Next Level

In every Relationship there comes that time to have “the talk” about committing to the next phase in the process. In this discussion we explore the issues around what you need to understand about the evolution of your relationship. How can you get on the same page when you talk about commitment? What do you need to explore to successfully navigate making a commitment for the next phase of your relationship together?


  • Part 1 – Commitment: The 3 Stages of Evolving Relationships
  • Part 2 – The Necessity of Exploring Personal Values for Commitment
  • Part 3 – The Dynamics of Commitment
  • Part 4 – Personal Coaching
  • Part 5 – (Q&A) On Waiting…
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Guided Meditation: Opening Infinite Possibilities

Enjoy a powerful inner journey that opens up the availability to receive & accept the “Infinite Possibilities” offered by consciousness for manifestation. This Guided meditation process also includes dialogue, Q&A and discussion. Enjoy the journey and discussion.

Introduction (8 m)
Guided Meditation (41 m)
Q&A and discussion (34 m)
Music by Michael Wild (Earth’s Garden)

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