``The simple truth is that no one can or will ever “heal” you. You are always at some level “healing” yourself. You allow the co-creation of the experience and accept the journey. An individual, teacher, coach, mentor or a “healer” can however, facilitate, inspire, invite and even be a conscious catalyst in the process.

Through the transmission of their consciousness, tools, techniques and inspiration an individual can be a knowing (or even an unknowing) instrument in the process to assist you in purifying, integrating and realizing an aspect of your being which can change your relationship within and restore the natural state of balance in the Universe of You.” - Markus Kasunich

Holistic Life, Business & Consciousness Coaching


Markus has been described as the Holistic “Life, Consciousness and Business Coach for coaches.” His clients are often high level professionals, therapists, life-coaches, psychologists, actors, business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes and everyday people who hunger to “break through their blocks and negative conditioning” to finally achieve a truly outstanding existence that ripples out to the lives of all the people around them.

By using a truly Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) practical approach of the “Universe of You” he demonstrates the how to transcend the layers of unconscious and contractive conditioning that affect your ability to manifest your dreams. Combining the practical and esoteric Eastern and Western philosophies, and creating a powerful new mindset, he has an unconventional, remarkable and uncanny ability to systemically unravel and reprogram limiting patterns and dynamics in the many layers of consciousness to assist you to reveal and manifest your unlimited potential. He is inspired to teach and empower those who can make a profound difference in the world. 

Markus offers multiple ways to engage in your personal transformation: 

 – Private coaching programs

 – In-person sessions and package

Remote sessions and packages

Online classes, courses & programs

One-day workshops & intensives 

Immersive retreats


A Truly Holistic Approach:  Exploring the Universe of You


Limited by many traditional methods on his own personal journey that felt like they did not honor the whole being, Markus practices and offers a truly, comprehensive  HOLISTIC APPROACH to healing that inspires the fastest growth, exploring healing along with powerful practical tools that effectively purify and transform each of the different levels of consciousness.  

Each aspect of your consciousness requires its own specific form of healing, techniques, processes and tools.  For this reason, many seekers become frustrated when they feel like they are stuck and are not making progress. Often, many healing and traditional modalities work exclusively within specific areas of the being. But, by intimately exploring each of the unique aspects of your being (the Universe of You) using specific, personal and tailored processes,  powerful transformation and sustainable growth can occur at an astounding rate. 


THE SELF:   The still point of consciousness that radiates your infinite potential. 

ENERGETIC BODY:  Your energetic world, the world of spirit and every energetic system. 

EMOTIONAL BODY:  The dynamic e-motional  “feeling” landscape of your consciousness.

MENTAL BODY:  Your mindset, intention and personal will.

PHYSICAL BODY:  Your relationship to your biological health and physical body

OUTER WORLD:  The behavior of your outer choices, relationships and intention in action in the outer world.

The Need for Personal Empowerment: 


Every system, tool, process, healing technique or guidance has to be coupled with necessary ingredients or personal medicine on every level of consciousness in order to create real change. People feel like they are not making progress when these necessary components are not present in their healing process. These tools along with empowered action helps create the change that an individual is looking for. Markus offers:   

Guidance – A “map of your consciousness” that focuses intention and creates effective, sustainable transformation for the journey.
Practical Tools – A powerful practical system or set of tools to utilize as a HOW to in your process.
Introspection – An conscious understanding about WHY the present set of circumstances are in your present experience. 
Experience – A personal empowered DIRECT EXPERIECNE is vital to your healing process.

Without the sense of personal empowerment in your own process, the journey into transformation is stifled, slow and limited. Markus has a personal commitment to pointing or re-directing every individual within – into their own empowered direct experience where they learn to access their innate connection to consciousness as he assists to facilitate this process.  

Inviting the World into Emotional Awareness:


For most people, no conscious, comprehensive and relevant language is taught to describe the human emotional landscape. Instead, most default to their conditioned or self-generated patterns that are of rooted in contraction and unconsciousness with no real ability to access and express the full spectrum of their experiences. There is much more to your E-IQ than the right language or reading material. And to cultivate an authentic experience emotional awareness creates a path to deeper self-awareness, better decision making and true empathetic connection. I am passionate about the often misunderstood but true power of Emotional Alchemy.

In 2013, inspired by the need for this awareness in our modern world, Markus co-created Awareness U. It is an information company that developed, co-funded and created a comprehensive and transformational Emotional Awareness technology and app based on the personal holistic model and techniques that he had already been using with his clients for over 20 years. A partnering closely with a specialist in research development platforms and IT team, together they created the Emotional Awareness App. The process and tool is now being endorsed and utilized by coaches, therapists, counsellors and seekers worldwide as it continues to evolve and grow.

To download the App from the App store  for an I-phone CLICK HERE  

To Explore the Awareness U website: https://awareness-u.com/