For 20 years I have been committed to my continued personal exploration, purification, practice and training as part of my own evolving process, while actively working with my many clients from all corners of the globe through all of their deeply personal journeys of self-exploration in every facet of their lives.

Because of this exploration, combined with years of research and direct practical experience, I am excited to announce the creation of a new transformational Holistic coaching/mentoring program to more deeply enhance, expand and transform your personal journey.

This powerful committed program offers a deeper level of mentorship, accountability, personal commitment, and transformation through a specially designed structure and program of practical tools, exercises, processes and regular scheduled coaching that encompass all aspects of your well-being:




·       Exploration of consciousness, awareness and self-realization
·       Cutting-edge human transformational techniques
·       Psychological tools  for healing, purification and transformation
·       Holistic and metaphysical modalities 
·       Practical life programs and personal relationship counseling
·       Meditation techniques and practices
·       Practical business assessment, training and skills

Every potential coaching client is required to undergo a personal interview and assessment to determine if you are accepted into the program. Then, a personalized coaching/mentoring experience and program is carefully crafted for your specific needs to create a truly personalized Holistic model that is unlike anything you ever have experienced in your life.  

? personal meditation instruction
? Special offers
? Downloadable access to all recorded sessions
? free or discounted live events and programs during coaching window
? All private coaching tools and material
? free or discounted online events during coaching window
? 90 min weekly coaching calls (9-5 pm personal access & check in)
? A designated amount of In-person 90 min sessions within the specified coaching window