• 6 Mar 2015
    by Markus

    We all have plans and dreams for the future.  Have you ever considered if you’ve allowed yourself to really think big in dreaming those dreams for yourself?  Consider taking a fresh perspective and look at your future with no limits…..silencing the judge and editor in your head that keeps you from seeing your full potential. This week we begin a series of shows about […]

  • 17 Feb 2015
    by Markus

      We begin a new series of discussions this week speaking about the many transitions we all face in our lives, and how to navigate them with awareness.  Leading us into this discussion is frequent guest of the  Mind Body Spirit Living show, Markus Kasunich.  Markus will speak about how times of change and transition in our life can bring both challenge and […]

  • Over the years, I have heard many spiritual seekers and aspirants espouse that they are “standing in their power” or in the process of “reclaiming or taking back their power”. I have often pondered, “what does that actually mean?” I have noticed these expressions have become common phrases in the new age circles, and often times are used as  euphemisms that describe the relative […]

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