Awaken Your Infinite Potential

11 Feb 2021
by Markus Kasunich
“Every human being has the spark of unlimited potential
and unfathomable possibility within them
but few will ever ignite the flame.”
Not everyone is capable, interested, willing or cares enough to investigate, explore or sincerely act on realizing that potential. Not everyone is hungry for this, even though you may recognize it in them and they may recognize it themselves. They may even say all the right things, talk about it and be hopeful about the possibility. But It only remains a unexpressed possibility until it is explored, integrated and fully lived.
The integrity of behavior and character are the expression of that manifested potential in the relative world.
Be the idealist who holds the highest for all but also be the realist who is only willing to explore any (inner or outer) relationship based on the reality of actions, character, and behavior and ones ability to consciously walk their talk.
Have your behavior meet everyone where they illustrate that they are at, not where you want them to be or hope they can some day get to. That is always dangerous. Be honest about yourself and others.
The spiritual world is filled with more veiled, pious bullshit than the secular world ever will be. There are many deluded pontificators filled with aspirational rhetoric – so many snake charmers peddling enlightenment. And there are so many who think they are more conscious and awake that they actually are.
If a life, behavior and character does not reflect it, then one is not what they say or think they are, even if they or you want to desperately believe the story. That is just a theory of what could be.
Becoming disillusioned, devastated and decimated by my own hopeful thinking was the necessary unraveling of my own projection. It was a humbling gift. It is a death. The death of the favorable illusion. It is not simply a spiritual concept.
You may only know this direct experience if you have allowed yourself to have your entire life crumble and who you think you are be completely deconstructed. But that is the beginning of the beginning of real spiritual sobriety and honesty. At that point shit starts to get real. But the comfortable illusion for all sides of the coin is utterly seductive. And the truth is that most people will never allow themselves to get vulnerable enough to ever get that real. It is uncomfortable but at least its honest.
Most seekers will spend their life blinded by their own precious self-ideal of who they want to be or who they think they are and never know that they do not know but convince themselves that they do.  The real spiritual sobriety of being “awake” takes a kind of courage that can never be sustained by a mere flicker. It requires fierce fire to ignite and grow. Until then, one remains a hopeful but stagnant ember of potential.
Without this activation it is only a half-life. You are not fully awake. Your life is not fully lived. You are an echo of what you can be. until then It’s only a theory. If you are truly “seeking” and ravenous for truth, you would never allow yourself to be satisfied with that. You would not be capable. You feel compelled to endlessly challenge the notion of that idea and become devoted to your active ongoing inner and outer refinement and development. 
Until then, there is no real “birth” into something more, other and beyond. And there can certainly be no rebirth.
And your glorious ideal becomes nothing more that a captivating fable that you tell yourself to lull yourself back to sleep.
– Markus William Kasunich


Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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