Stop Waiting, Get Motivated…

23 Mar 2017
by Markus Kasunich

The last time you intended to clean out a closet, get back in the gym, or reach out to an old friend but did not get it done, what was the reason you told yourself about why this wasn’t the right time to do it?  Often we find that we use or even create big and small distractions that keep us from doing the things that we really intended to do.  We can call it procrastination or a lack of motivation, but either way, it keeps us from realizing our goals and vision for ourselves.  How can we finally bridge the gap between our intentions and our actions, and get motivated to act?  Join us this week as our guest provides insight on habits that we should consider replacing in our daily routine to help us overcome the internal and external obstacles to achieving our dreams.

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Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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