It’s OK to not be OK

2 Nov 2016
by Markus Kasunich

How many times have you asked someone “Are you OK?”.  We’ve all done it.  We want to know the person is doing well, and has life under control.  Most of us respond to that question with an automatic “Yes, I’m OK”.  We’ve told ourselves a story that our goal should be to be OK, comfortable, and satisfied in our life.  But it’s not always possible to say that things are “OK”.  Events and circumstances can put us in situations where we are not “OK”, and where we are challenged to navigate emotions and discomfort that is unfamiliar.  There is growth available to us in these moments if we can learn to be “OK with not being OK”, and to avoid telling ourselves that this is not the way the story should look.

This week guest Markus Kasunich will share his perspective on the opportunities that arise in the moments when we are not OK, and when we are not comfortable.  He will help us to see that “not being OK” is actually a normal and natural place to be, if we choose to embrace it.


Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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