The Truth About Empowerment

19 May 2013
by Markus Kasunich

shutterstock_126330584Over the years, I have heard many spiritual seekers and aspirants espouse that they are “standing in their power” or in the process of “reclaiming or taking back their power”. I have often pondered, “what does that actually mean?” I have noticed these expressions have become common phrases in the new age circles, and often times are used as  euphemisms that describe the relative ego power-play between individual personalities which is more about regaining or assuming control rather than accessing your true inherent power.

In my own personal journey and exploration of my own inherent nature, one of the most “empowering” truths that was ever presented to me was a simple yet powerful invitation that altered my relationship to my Self and my perception of reality forever. When this undeniable epiphany rippled throughout my consciousness it inspired me to completely change the way I viewed my relationship to everything.

“Everything is an illusion.”

At first it seemed straightforward and even simple, and I thought this was just another “spiritual” concept that was being bantered around.  But, when I began to consider the essence of the message, I realized that this seemingly simple statement was something much more profound, and it offered an invitation for me to re-examine the implications of how this could affect my relationship to my True nature and my existing reality.

Consider this:  What if the external world of your reality is nothing more than a hologram of your internal relative drama matrix: conceptions, conditioning, beliefs, and ideas projected into an illusionary plane. This incredible passion-play is meticulously crafted and executed by the infinite creativity of your divine essence in co-creation with the greater intelligence of the universe using “reality” as a backdrop or a “stage” for you to play out your own initiations, lessons, and circumstances for the purpose of recognizing, celebrating, and more deeply realizing your True nature.

If we allowed ourselves to observe this phenomenon from a broader, non-dualistic perspective, we would experience nothing more than dynamic, intersecting, and engaging patterns of energy and light that offer an infinite number of profound invitations.  What is the enigmatic, mutable, and universal essence that fuels and comprises the foundation of everything within this reality movie matrix?   The answer:  Unconditional Love.

From this perspective even evil, hatred, and fear (as ugly, uncomfortable, and destructive as they may seem) in my experience, serve a purpose in the dualistic passion play under the umbrella of one great unconditional, eternal, infinite, ever-expanding, multifaceted expression of Love. This profound intelligence of Love serves all of creation and is filtered exactly in the manner that each of us consciously and/or unconsciously requests.  All of these relative experiences, including the “negative” forms of Love, are allowed and delivered by the infinite intelligence of the universe in the exact form that you “believe” and “need” them to appear in order to transcend all of our personal limited and conditioned definition of Love. Everything is truly an illusion that simply offers infinite opportunities to transcend itself… depending on your perspective and relationship to it.

In actuality, this is an ageless concept and has been expressed by philosophers, psychologists, poets, writers, sages, gurus, masters, spiritual teachers and other aware beings throughout recorded history… For instance, Playwright, William Shakespeare alluded to this truth in his quote “all the world is a stage”. Psychologist, Carl Jung spoke at length about the dynamics of this phenomenon in reference to his theories about the collective unconscious.  Jesus spoke of this in the bible when he said that “I and my Father are one…”  Krishna described this non-dualistic paradigm to Arjuna in the Bhagava Gita by revealing how the Divine “I AM” (Self/Atma) is not only the “Cosmic Source” and “Witness”, but the only “Reality”, the ONE actor playing all souls/roles in creation… He, like other aware beings throughout history, have demonstrated through their human embodiment that anyone can fully “live” and be this Truth within the context of a human experience, and not just as concept or in some transcendental state…

This single Truth may even be considered the foundation of all universal law from which all other spiritual principles are conceived.

Consider this possibility, even for a moment… What is more empowering:  Believing that you are a “victim” to your outer circumstances with a limited ability to alter the course and experience of your reality or realizing you are co-creating this reality with the Great and mysterious Love within you in the form of these illusionary circumstances, perceptions, and projections that make up and fuel your personal movie matrix drama?

What if you are the “cause” and therefore the ultimate “cure” of all your seeming problems, issues, and circumstances? Can you see how this simple yet profound Truth can offer the invitation for you to not only recognize but also reclaim your “True power” to redefine, recreate, and even transcend your existing relationship to everything in your reality? If you are truly able to accept this truth, then in this conscious and aware state you are now more accountable for your part in the creation of your reality and your relationship to it.

This was the most empowering piece of information that was ever was delivered to me, because with this truth I can realize that the “power” of that unconditional and infinitely creative Love is and has always been within me. I AM the “Cosmic Source” of my universe. I AM a creator and a co-creator within the Great Mystery. I AM the dynamic ever-changing expression of that Love. I AM that I AM.

If I truly want my “outer reality” to change, then I need to change my relationship to that inner conditioning and more importantly to that infinite intelligence of the “I AM”, the Great Mystery, or that infinite Love that exists within me. Believing ultimately becomes seeing… And at that point, my outer world is just the reflection of those internal changes and it becomes the barometer for me to assess where I can still realize more about the True nature of that infinite expression of Love that originates from within me.

Just think about it… What if you were aware that you are in the process of realizing your “True power” through the experience, celebration, and eventual unraveling of our limited belief systems of Love? If you actually understood this, believed this, truly realized this, and then applied this to your relationship to your Self and your reality, then how would you live differently? How would your relationship to everything change?  How could you ever be a powerless victim to anything or anyone in your outer reality ever again?

Is it possible for something or someone from your outer world to create that relationship of empowerment within? From a relative perspective, your outer reality can offer invitations and act as a catalyst for a change of relationship within. Remember, whatever is transpiring in this outer passion-play is ultimately happening as a co-creation process between you within context of that Infinite intelligence of Love. This can inspire, prompt, and encourage change, but the true change of relationship and shift of perspective has to occur by “you” within your Self.

Any “teacher” in your outer relative world (manifested by the invitation of your consciousness) is only as powerful as your willingness and ability to integrate the invitations for deeper awareness within.  The most affective teacher is one who has not only realized a deep level of empowerment for themself, but also directs you, and inspires you to cultivate that sense of empowerment within you.

The highest form of “true” empowerment comes from the realization and eventual surrender to movement of the inherently unknowable, infinitely intelligent, and wonderfully mysterious Love that resides within us all. The human condition is the most magnificent expression of this profound invitation to explore and engage with that Love. And the “taking back” or “reclaiming of your power” is really the experience of your deepening empowerment through the conscious expression and celebration of that infinite nature within the unfolding adventure of your spiritual journey.

“I am the day that does not shine by the sun; rather by me the sum is ignited.
I am the Reason that is not made perceptible by anyone else;
rather, I am the One by whom every reasonable being draws breath.
And so to gaze at my countenance I have created mirrors
in which I consider all the wonders of my originality, which never will cease.
I have prepared myself these mirrored forms so that they may resonate in a song of praise.
For I have a voice like a thunderbolt by which
I keep in motion the entire universe in the living sounds of all creation…
By my Word, which was and is without beginning in myself,
I caused a mighty light to emerge…”

– Hildegard of Bringen

–    Markus William Kasunich


Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.


  1. Shirley

    Love this post, reminds me of a Course of Miracles teachings. But, the tough question is, how do we use this in every day life? Such as being in a bad relationship? And deciding if we should end one or not or continue to try sending love? It is so confusing to me. Thank you!

  2. Markus


    I understand how it can be difficult to apply the teaching. That is the learning process and trial and error of the journey.

    On a practical note, when we are listening to that inner movement of the inherent intelligence from within, the choice is less about a choice and more about following a truth that we already feel and know. We always “know” what we resonate to, what feels right, and what is in alignment to our inner Truth… Eventually if we still do nothing about it, The outer experience will either fade away or it will become intolerable to continue your present relationship to it. The outer world will begin to reflect our inner position… The time it takes us to listen and follow our own knowing will determine how “loud” and “intense” the outer experience will have to get to. The level of uncomfortableness we chose to experience is our personal ego-resistance to that inner knowing…

    Where there is alignment to that source there is ease, grace, and flow…

    I hope this clarifies…


  3. Annette McGregor

    Hi Marcus,

    I have never attended any of your lectures in Racine, but from what Chris talks about and from your articles I see that we seem to have very much the same line of thinking.

    I have always wondered about something that is in this article. The thought that reality is a stage or a backdrop to realize your true nature. If we know our true nature before life in this body and after life in this body…why do we come here?…and why do we lose the connection to our true nature when in these bodies?

    Maybe trying to figure out the answers to these questions is irrelevant…or maybe a trap that keeps the egoic mind in the foreground. I have had experiences that have given me the belief that to release belief in all things is true freedom. This corresponds with everything being an illusion I guess.

    Any thoughts on this?

  4. Mary

    I believe I was meant to read this post this morning . . . thank you 🙂


  5. Craig Braquet


    I distinctly remember the first day we met. You and I talked for a few moments and you solemnly said “You and I were MEANT to meet…”

    The time I spent with you opened my eyes to realizing my co-creation of my external existence. I have shared this understanding with many people since then and many of them are on the path to understanding it.


  6. Markus

    Hey Annette,

    Thanks for responding… I think you would find any one of the talks or sessions that I do interesting and valuable… So know that the invitation is always open…

    Ah yes…The age old question… Why are here? If we already knew ourselves, then why did we come in the first place?

    In all honesty, the answer beyond any mental story is “I do not know,” It is what it is…

    But still, something within makes me believe we are here to explore, celebrate, and realize our True nature through “this” particular reality and context. There is great value and experience available here which enriches and expands… In a universe that is constantly expanding in its own awareness of itself then why not?

    The journey is the answer…


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