The Power of Self Awareness (20 mins)

23 Mar 2013
by Markus
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543244_4143453469838_1480728232_nRecorded Live at Sacred Journeys Spiritual Community on March 2013.

In this discourse Markus invited us to use the power of Self Awareness to examine our relationship to everything and ask the simple one of the most empowering questions:  Are you choosing love (expansion) or Fear contraction. In any given moment this simple but profound awareness can make the difference in everything you do… Be Aware.

Approx Running time: 20 mins




Markus is a Holistic Life & Consciousness Coach, Spiritual teacher, Healer, Professional Speaker & guide helping to reveal the unlimited potential of your True Self. He offers private sessions, online coaching, and facilitates retreats, events and classes all over the globe.

Through his Holistic (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of "Practical Spirituality" he explores, inspires and empowers your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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