The Role of the Relative Bodies

8 Mar 2013
by Markus Kasunich


“The path of Self-realization is nothing more than ‘realizing’ or ‘remembering’ the experience of your infinite nature or True Self at a deeper level, thereby changing your relationship to that sense of Self as well as all aspects that comprise the whole being.”


We all begin our personal journeys of realization in this world unconsciously and consciously creating our primary belief systems. Our initial foundation is a collection of beliefs, habits, and behaviors which we utilize in exploration of ourselves. These learned thoughts and patterns within our being, along with the “glue” of emotions, literally bind together to create a very complex and uniquely personal matrix of energetic patterns from which we filter and express our “superficial identity” of Self.

This system is often referred to as the “relative bodies” of your being.  These relative or superficial bodies include:  The mental, emotional, energetic, and physical aspects of our being and everything in between (known and unknown). It also includes all the “experiences” one may have within these different bodies in the midst of their personal journey into the deepest realization of their True Self.

You can liken these relative bodies to atmospheric zones of conditioning or filters, orbiting a still point of center where the source of your True Self exists. When the creative essence of our being pours outward from that source and projects itself through this superficial network or the filters of conditioning, it creates a hologram of those conditioned ideas projected into what we call our reality.  During the process of realization, we engage in a profound relationship with this projection of our own conditioning.  In other words, “All the world is a stage” and this relationship with our personal “passion play” gives us an outward experience of the many facets of this internal system in order to help us understand, unlearn, master, and finally transcend any of these conditioned relative aspects within the matrix that act as seeming limitations from having a deeper experience and expression of that true essence of Self.

In the midst of the process of re-discovering their Infinite nature, many seekers often neglect or forget to truly recognize the significance of the relative bodies within the being, sometimes considering them superficial, unimportant, and even distractions on their journey.  Conversely, on the other side of the coin, many also heavily indulge themselves within the soup of these different relative atmospheres of conditioning and become “obsessed” with purging, processing or healing their “issues” at the expense of their deeper Self. Neither practice of denying nor indulging can create a lasting and expansive relationship of true awareness within.  But instead a healthy relationship to both is necessary. Without the experience of the relative bodies you cannot truly know your Self.

The process of realization is a multi-faceted experience of exploration.  All of these aspects of who we are, on all levels of consciousness, function within the essential system of the whole being. And at some point in every journey, at some level everyone is going to have to relate, address, redefine, or change their relationship to their relative conditioning.

Our infinite Self, at the core of who we are, is always beckoning us to remember ourselves at a deeper perspective…. It is a profound invitation, a divine romance, an almost magnetic attraction, like a mysterious force of gravity pulling our conscious awareness into a deeper realization of itself. The more aware you become of this internal gravity that draws you inward, the more deeply you are invited into the realization of that source. The journey into that True Self is a profound and essential part of our remembering of what is, what was, and what will always be within us.

Once you have had an “awakening” or experienced the intoxicating bliss of that connection with the infinite Self, it becomes virtually impossible to ignore the Truth of what is… Even though you may be able to “forget”, chose to become “unaware”, pretend that ”you do not know”, or even identify and choose to live within the superficial parts of your being, the effects of true consciousness or awareness can never be “unrealized” or “undone”… It can only be more deeply remembered and realized.

Once one has a greater awareness of this deepening and can consciously take the step back into the awareness of their True Self or what is, then their perception of everything on all levels of consciousness is forever changed.  From this “new” and more connected and expansive perspective, you then begin the process of building a more conscious, unattached, and healthy relationship with your relative bodies and conditioned behavior, understanding that they are working themselves out as part of the natural process.

“In the sincere intention of focusing your awareness and consciousness into anything
you will always (and eventually) dissolve any temporary illusion
and reveal the true nature of what is…”

When we begin to truly observe, from this perspective, these relative systems within us and how they function, we begin to change our relationship to them, deconstruct them, and finally we release the limiting, unnecessary, and outdated patterns which no longer serve the evolving awareness of consciousness. Some of these patterns of “old” energy literally “fall off” while others take more time, commitment, and discipline to unravel as you honor the process. If you follow the energy deeper beneath these patterns, it will lead you to the Self.

It is important to acknowledge that the awakening process is a journey. Just as the universe is in a constant state of change, your relationship to your essential Self and all the parts that make up the relative bodies of that entire system, is also constantly evolving and deepening.  In any given moment, your journey to Self-realization is completely unique and a personal reflection of the full expression of your consciousness.

“At any given point of your realization process, it is impossible for your infinite Self
to allow, reveal, or create  more than you (as the whole being) can handle…”


In the midst of this seemingly impossible task, you must always remember that your infinite nature is guiding the process. It is an act of Grace from within.  From this perspective, beyond our limited understanding, the True Self knows exactly how, in what form, from what level of your being, and at what perfect moment to reveal a necessary aspect of your Self to you.  All you need to do is pay attention, celebrate the process, be grateful, and follow the energy as it leads you within.

Every fabric of this journey at any level of consciousness is valid, necessary, and important.  Each deepening realization and awakening, no matter how seemingly insignificant it may seem, is an essential part of the process. All the “work” prepares your consciousness for that perfect moment of transcendence as you deepen into the realization of your True Self.

Always honor, cherish, and celebrate every aspect of your relative being and especially your ever-evolving relationship to every facet of your being.  As you allow this process of realization to unravel you from within, it offers a profound invitation to reveal the True nature of what is.

–    Markus William Kasunich



Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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