Beyond Wrong (Q&A)

5 Mar 2012
by Markus Kasunich

Question:  If there is no right and wrong, why is there “good” and “bad” karma – or karma that dissolves and karma that contributes to our samskaras and ultimately samsara? This question has just been swirling around in my brain.

Answer:  Wow!!! Thank you so much for the question… Let me do my best to put this into perspective using the language and concepts which you have presented:

From my understanding the word Samsara is considered to be “this world of duality – the place where the universe can experience its Self as Other than its Self.”

The concept of Samskaras “are deeply embedded patterns of energy within collective energy forms that manifest as individual human beings. These patterns are reinforced by continued repetition and are deeply imbedded as part of our conditioning. With continued attention they continue to fortify themselves as our reality. This becomes the manner in which we view the world, define our personality, and our understanding and conceptions of reality. They are also the created tool that we have implored to see ourselves as separate personalities, separate beings from each other and separate from the universe. It is how define our “personal” identity. This is the relative and structure we have to engage with the universe…”

“Samskara is a very peculiar thing. It is the library within a DNA molecule, containing everything that we have imbibed. One DNA molecule contains the total information of all of the libraries in the world combined. Samskaras are like that too. Samskaras are the inputs of volumes and volumes of books which we carry within us and which have been accumulating over millions of years. When these samskaras come to the surface of the mind, they are very powerful…”

~From Yoga Darshan, Swami Niranjananda Sawaswati

Karma is truly the Universe maintaining balance within this relative world. “Good” and “bad” are truly just judgments created from our dualistic perception. Karma is neither good nor bad. Based on our intentions (from this present life, past lives, and all the other realities we exist within) we are living out the effects of our choices on either side of that dualist plane. Our Samskaras interact with our Karma, and create the situations and circumstances that we need in order to grow, and eventually remember ourselves as a multidimensional being beyond the dualist realm of experience.

The goal is to free ourselves from this limiting viewpoint and the illusions of the dualist plane and eventually expand our understanding beyond the “little story” and matrix of concepts that we have created. Eventually through our intention of remembering or realizing ourselves in our totality, we will exist simultaneously in the dualistic and the non-dualistic plane with full awareness and realization of all of these realities at the same time…In fact, we cannot truly exist in the non-dualist experience without also experiencing duality, because for the non-dualistic experience to be truly non-dualistic, it also has to encompass all duality. Duality is a subset of the non-dualistic experience.  It is a non-linear, multidimensional experience that exists beyond the concepts of judgment of “good” and “bad” or “right” and “wrong”.

So yes, it is true we will continue to live out of karma as we continue to evolve as beings in this relative dualist world. And it is a necessary to always respect all parts of the system—even the dualistic nature of things. I do however, believe that as we experience ourselves from a much more expanded perspective realizing our reality beyond duality we will see our Samskaras for what they really are, rather than allow those created circumstances to define and limit our understanding of who we actually are.

We exist in within all of these levels of consciousness as multi-dimensional beings in every moment as we are realizing our infinite nature… It is my intention to do my best in whatever level of awareness I am in, to respect the rules of any and all levels of reality that I happen to be aware of at any given time, and to think, feel, and act from my highest understanding of love in that moment, knowing that my understanding and experience of the infinite love of the Divine is ever-evolving as my realization of  it and of myself continues to unravel. what an amazing  journey into remembering and experiencing the infinite nature of the yourself as the “Great Mystery”.

I hope this helps.  Thank you so much for asking the question

– Markus Kasunich



Markus is a holistic business, life & consciousness coach, published author and professional speaker. He offers private online coaching, retreats, workshops and classes on a wealth of topics. Through his integrated (Mind, Body, Spirit) approach of conscious living of he explores practical life-tools that inspire and empower your personal journey into the ever-evolving relationship with The Universe of You.

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