What it Takes to be an Entrepreneur

Being a business owner calls for a certain mindset, and a comfort level with the uncertainty and[...]
Markus has profoundly affected me in the most positive way.  His honest and compassionate guidance has impacted my life in such a way that I wouldn’t have thought possible before meeting him.  Through his personal development workshops and retreats, as well as through One-on-One coaching sessions, Markus illuminates the path to consciousness, then helps you learn the tools to be able to follow it.  In my case, this has meant recognizing the ways my conditioning has negatively impacted me through…
Amy Schiveley


The Sacred Art of Mandala Making

The Sacred Art of Mandala Making

 This published article is taken from my chapter in Bumps in Motion... I became fascinated with the idea of mandala after it became fascinated with me. It wasn’t until I was already well into the process of the creation of  my first mandala in the spring of 1995 or what I was calling my “map[...]