Being Inspired & Connected to Your Work

We all hope that we spend our time doing work that inspires us and that we feel deeply connected[...]
“You cannot cage parts of yourself up in order to find freedom.” -Markus Kasunich  Accepting the fact that I have actually changed what many have said could never be changed but only lived with, was the most elusive part of my journey until I met Markus. How many times had I felt failure because I “felt or thought” certain even though I never allowed myself to act on it?  I thought I had to keep the parts of me that once were out of control in a cage to keep others and myself safe. The dif…
Sammy Rangel


The Sacred Art of Mandala Making

The Sacred Art of Mandala Making

 This published article is taken from my chapter in Bumps in Motion... I became fascinated with the idea of mandala after it became fascinated with me. It wasn’t until I was already well into the process of the creation of  my first mandala in the spring of 1995 or what I was calling my “map[...]