Stop Waiting, Get Motivated...

The last time you intended to clean out a closet, get back in the gym, or reach out to an old fr[...]
Markus has been giving treatments in my home for many years. Truly encompassing mind, body and spirit, Markus has an amazing ability to intuitively and quickly access the core of whatever issue a person may be facing. So often physical challenges are a manifestation of emotional issues and having someone who can identify, explore and help you move beyond roadblocks is truly a gift. I have personally known Markus to help with spiritual growth, major life decisions, loss of loved ones, relati…
Susan T.Hermosa Beach, CA


What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

Many people exist in an unconscious, disempowered fog of passive expectation –Waiting for the ideal relationship, the right moment, a divine inspiration, somebody else to step forward or for that perfect set of circumstances to magically manifest to inspire them to finally take authentic, sincere and honest steps towards a[...]