The Gift of Transitions

  We begin a new series of discussions this week spea[...]
Markus is an incredible intuitive healer who has helped so many people identify the true sources of pain and stress in their life, and then laid out the path to healing. He is also a gifted speaker on a range of topics, giving authentic, practical guidance that I have seen be life-changing. There are no words to accurately convey how much my life has been profoundly changed and blessed by his insights and teaching.
Christine KannRacine, WI USA


Desperately Seeking Sensei

Desperately Seeking Sensei

(Which Teacher is Right For me?) If you speak to anyone who has attained a high level of mastery in their chosen field of study they will often make reference to their inspiration, influences and teachers that guided them on their own journey of exploration. During my process and still today,[...]
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