Connecting To Your Life Purpose

The feeling of connecting to life purpose can be different for each person, and many describe th[...]
The level of intuition, genuine caring, and remarkable openings that run through Markus are unlike any I have ever experienced before. Markus’ light is so bright and his healing abilities are profound. Working with Markus awakens my awareness to its very depths so that I can see clearly. Although sometimes the process is momentarily painful, Markus holds a safe and sacred space for me to move through what is holding me back. The result is transforming My session felt as if I were in a c…
Samantha AvenaimReiki MasterLos Angeles, CA


The Truth About "Being Spiritual"

The Truth About "Being Spiritual"

When asked, I have heard many people in our modern culture often describe themselves as being “spiritual.” What does that actually mean? In many cases, this expression has been adapted into a pop-culture trend which now simply refers to a “spiritual person” as being something other than a “religious person.” [...]
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