Embracing Life's Journey

  The ultimate journey is the journey that life takes us on….the ups and downs, the high[...]
I just want to thank you once again for coming to Racine. I feel so blessed to have met you. As I told you – I instantly felt that I knew you and that helped me to feel comfortable, open up and accept the help that you gave me. I’ve reflected on everything you said and the experiences that I had in my session, healing circle, and pranayama. Since my session with you, I stopped taking all my anti-anxiety medications. I feel stronger and more able to face whatever comes up, as it comes up. It…
Sarah P.Racine, WI


How to Consciously Accept a Compliment

How to Consciously Accept a Compliment

The journey into Awareness progresses as you begin to unravel the contractive and outdated perceptions and interpretations that are unwittingly running rampant through your unconscious conditioning. Many channel an enormous, but necessary amount of attention and exploration into their personal journey re-learning how to love, honor and respect themselves. And[...]
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