The Power & Potential of Your Intuition (Part 1 & 2)

  Have you ever had a “gut feeling” about something in your life, but ignored what t[...]
My experience with Markus was magical and brought peace and lightness into my body, soul and mind. To this day I feel that it was one of the most important things I have done for myself in furthering my personal and physical health and growth. Prior to our session together I was plagued with serious amounts of pain, along with a sense of heaviness in me. I felt despondent and uncertain as to what to do and where to turn. When I heard about Markus, I knew and more importantly felt immediately …
Sandra YeamanOrangeville, Ont. Cananda


7 Keys to Unlock Your Relationship to Being Spiritual

7 Keys to Unlock Your Relationship to Being Spiritual

When asked, I have heard many people in our modern culture often describe themselves as being “spiritual.” What does that actually mean? In many cases, this expression has been adapted into a pop-culture trend which now simply refers to a “spiritual person” as being something other than a “religious person.” [...]
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