Feeling is Healing

In this intimate 60 minute radio interview, Markus takes the co-host chair for the Baub Show for[...]
Markus has manifold abilities, one of them is his healing sessions. Markus is an architect of consciousness and energy. He has the innate ability to study your unique energetic body footprint, and then apply pressure on various parts of your body using his hands and elbow. The result is absolutely astounding – your body energetically molts! This is a ‘cleansing of the pipes…’ …This cleansing can render you immobile, with all your old energy gushing out, it being replaced with newer …
Naresh NayakMumbai, India


How to Consciously Accept a Compliment

How to Consciously Accept a Compliment

The journey into Awareness progresses as you begin to unravel the contractive and outdated perceptions and interpretations that are unwittingly running rampant through your unconscious conditioning. Many channel an enormous, but necessary amount of attention and exploration into their personal journey re-learning how to love, honor and respect themselves. And[...]
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