Don't Feed The Stories

In our exploration of "The Stories We Tell Ourselves", we have heard our guests emphasize that o[...]
Markus has manifold abilities, one of them is his healing sessions. Markus is an architect of consciousness and energy. He has the innate ability to study your unique energetic body footprint, and then apply pressure on various parts of your body using his hands and elbow. The result is absolutely astounding – your body energetically molts! This is a ‘cleansing of the pipes…’ …This cleansing can render you immobile, with all your old energy gushing out, it being replaced with newer …
Naresh NayakMumbai, India


The Spiritual Necessity of Being Uncomfortable

The Spiritual Necessity of Being Uncomfortable

The visionary human endeavor to build a more evolved society through innovation, progress and growth has also birthed an unfortunate, rampant obsession that keeps the modern world engrossed in a profound state of addiction. It's this shadow side of cultural progress that blindly worships this unquenchable desire to maintain, enhance[...]