Don't Feed The Stories

In our exploration of "The Stories We Tell Ourselves", we have heard our guests emphasize that o[...]
Markus resonates with a powerful gentleness, fearless and accepting. He is able to see any situation as a gift, welcome it lovingly and pull from it, truth and light. Hence, he presents profound teachings that reveal themselves for days. I have been honored to host Markus as a guest speaker at my store in Kenosha, WI. An evening with Markus is guaranteed to be an insightful, engaging experience. He’s spoken on a variety of topics such as, ‘The Power of Words‘, ‘Archetypes & Symbols‘, ‘T…
ColleenKenosha, WI


What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

Many people exist in an unconscious, disempowered fog of passive expectation –Waiting for the ideal relationship, the right moment, a divine inspiration, somebody else to step forward or for that perfect set of circumstances to magically manifest to inspire them to finally take authentic, sincere and honest steps towards a[...]