Limitless Thinking

I just want to thank you once again for coming to Racine. I feel so blessed to have met you. As I told you – I instantly felt that I knew you and that helped me to feel comfortable, open up and accept the help that you gave me. I’ve reflected on everything you said and the experiences that I had in my session, healing circle, and pranayama. Since my session with you, I stopped taking all my anti-anxiety medications. I feel stronger and more able to face whatever comes up, as it comes up. It…
Sarah P.Racine, WI


The Art of Listening with Awareness

The Art of Listening with Awareness

In the buzz of a vast information network that bombards the human consciousness with a combination of tantalizing mind-candy and instant sense gratification, we are being pressured to adapt by developing shorter attention spans.  Like a pebble skipping across the surface of the water, we are being influenced to think,[...]
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